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We are Mint Trip, an innovative indie rock group based in Los Angeles, California. Our journey began in January 2015 at the University of Miami. We became best friends while studying at the Frost School of Music. The three of us started playing together in DIY Ensemble, a class where we formed our own band and wrote material for a show. We really clicked as musicians, and decided pursue our band out of the classroom.

We chose the name Mint Trip because mint is a vibrant and refreshing color, flavor, and smell; we want to make it a sound. The ‘Mint Trip’ is our goal of touring internationally.

Amy (center) sings for Mint Trip. She is from St. Leonard, Maryland. Her musical influences include Tycho, Lemuria, and Motion City Soundtrack. She has a playfully nuanced approach to writing Mint Trip's lyrics and melodies. She studied Classical Vocal Performance at Miami, and her go-to libation is a whiskey ginger.

Brian (right) plays bass and engineers for Mint Trip. He hails from Los Angeles, California. Growing up, Brian’s musical influences included Marvin Gaye, Daft Punk, and Led Zeppelin. Brian brings pop and rock sensibilities to our sound. He studied Music Engineering at Miami, and his favorite drink at the bar is an Old Fashioned.

Max (left) plays guitar and produces for Mint Trip. He grew up in Cary, North Carolina. Max comes from a more eccentric, psychedelic musical background. Growing up, Max’s musical influences included The Mars Volta, This Town Needs Guns, and Baths. He also studied Music Engineering at Miami and will day drink Gin and Tonics if the weather permits.

After graduating, we took a road trip across the country together and moved to North Hollywood, California to pursue Mint Trip. We are one big musical family; we don’t get cable, but do stream Rick and Morty together.  The band consumes our lives and we can’t wait for the day when we can quit our day jobs. In June 2016 we signed to Blue Elan Records. We couldn’t be happier to work with Blue Elan, and are excited to share our music with the world.


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